Burn This Candle For Just A Couple Minutes And Your Room Will Smell Deliciously Blissful For Days

Le Labo (as you might have already heard) is a fragrance wiz, and all the more so for their hands-on, artisanal approach. All of their scents come with personalized labels, are created in collaboration with the world’s top perfumers, and are made with the highest-quality essential oils, and that includes Santal 26—perhaps their most celebrated scent that’s garnered a serious cult following. And while the scent certainly stands on its own, the beauty of Le Labo lies in the care they put into each and every solitary product they produce. Their Venice, California store location offers a glimpse into their made-to-order production process, in which the ingredients are mixed and then hand-poured to ensure that each customer receives the freshest fragrance.