Salt Water

Salt Water is Brianna Wiest’s debut poetry book. Gracefully touching on the issues of self-awareness, wholeness and what it takes to reconcile with yourself, her prose artfully illustrates how healing helps us to actualize our latent potential and bring us into a greater awe for the universe that we are so irrevocably connected to.

Paperback, 5 x 7.75 in / 172 pages. Art Direction by KJ Parish. Cover blind embossed on white uncoated paper. Published by Thought Catalog Books. Printed and bound in Germany.

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“Salt Water is a slow deep breath, in and out. It sits in a new genre of poetry, somewhere between artistic self-expression and candid self-help. It is a meditation on acceptance, growth, and what it means to be human. Salt Water is the note you wrote to yourself years ago, which you find again when you most need it, that reminds you ‘it’s going to be okay.’”
Lee Crutchley, Author of “How To Be Happy, Or At Least Less Sad”

“There are too many words to write and too many things to say about the power of Salt Water. What I can say is that I cried, made many noises of epiphanies, and felt as though I was reading the words of my soul, written down on a page. To say this book is about enlightenment would be an insult. It is the awakening of self, the seeing of light, the acceptance of darkness, and the choice for greatness just as it is right now, within each and every one of us.
Dionna Chambers, Spokesperson, Motivational Millennial, Creator of Dream Series TV

“With every page I became more convinced that Salt Water is the book you’re going to see everyone with next year. The poems are solid, simple observations that get at the universal. For anyone with questions, Wiest’s poetry offers a new, wholesome perspec-tive, a way to ‘see the fractures as the design.’”
Chrissy Stockton, creative and partner at Thought Catalog and author of We Are All Just A Collection Of Cords

“Brianna Wiest does it again. Fantastic writing of poems that are simple in nature, yet give great depth when it comes to thoughts and emotions. Loved reading each poem, as it provided something unique each time.”
Faiz Aly, CEO of Aly Media

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BRIANNA WIEST is a writer, editor and author of 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think and The Truth About Everything. She has published thousands of articles that have been read by millions of people throughout the world. She currently works for a variety of national publications.
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“Mama said salt water heals,” Wiest writes in the closing poem of her latest poetry book, “Salt Water.” The piece finds Wiest reflecting on how the difficult things that help us grow, from sweat to tears, are also made of salt water. This intersection of emotional wisdom and the duality of humanity and nature is at the core of “Salt Water.”
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