An Angelic Lock Necklace With Real Flowers That Looks Straight Out Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Product Description

A keepsake from of the first days of summer has been captured inside a glass locket to make this sweet botanical necklace.

I pick the flowers early in the morning when the flowers are at their strongest and treat them in a way that their colours and form are so well preserved that they look just as pretty as when they were alive.

The locket is made from glass and stainless steel and is hung on a really lovely quality sterling silver chain. The locket measures 2×1.5 inches.

The locket has been sealed shut to preserve the piece inside, but as this piece was made with natural materials, it needs to be treated with a little care. Please try to keep it dry, and when you are finished wearing it, tuck it away somewhere dark and safe to protect it from too much sunlight. Source