A High-Tech Bra For The Female James Bond

Made by Dr. Elena Bodnar, an internationally recognized scientist, the Ig Nobel Prize-winning RAD Emergency Bra is first and foremost an affordable, cute, and sultry red underwire bra. Yet, ever so casually, it also includes a radiation sensor and two separate face masks. Say, for instance, you happen to be in the presence of ionizing radiation—whether from a “dirty” bomb, an explosion, or any other type of nuclear release involving high energy gamma rays—the upper opening of the sensor’s pocket will indicate this to you with a change in color, after which you’d better make use of the lovely face masks that this bra converts into. Dr. Bodnar stresses that this bra is for warning purposes only, is not a substitute for specialized protective respiratory devices, and should not be used when specialized equipment is required or available. What she doesn’t stress, however, is the badass broad you’ll probably feel like when donning this James Bond-style bra.