What I Didn’t Post on Instagram: A Collection of Essays on Real Lives and What We Filter Out


We asked women to share the truth behind their Instagram photos. What happened next moved us, and the book What I Didn’t Post On Instagram by Chrissy Stockton was born.

This book is the reminder we all need. It drives home the fact that we are all just trying to figure it out — we are all a little confused when it comes to life, we are all just trying to belong.

The essays housed in this collection are deeply honest and real, and they make you feel seen and connected because they reveal the humanness in a platform that has quickly become less than human. They expose an honest, softer, somewhat confronting side to social media — a side that we all need to see, a side that we all need to digest, because that is the side that inspires, that is the side that represents who we are.

In an age where a single Instagram post is consumed by thousands of people, it’s time we started to make social media real again. This book is our first step.

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Meet the author

Chrissy Stockton is a writer, thinker, and creative cheerleader based on the Internet.


  1. I read one essay before bed almost every night for about three weeks, and I truly believe that this is the way to read this book: one story at a time...The struggles some of these women were/are facing really struck home... highly recommend this collection of essays as I believe this (unfortunately) is something most girls/women struggle with in today’s society.

    Ida Goodreads

  2. A very well written and interesting way to show a short glimpse into social media and reveal some real life encounters. Thanks for tackling one of this century’s biggest monsters...


  3. I applaud the editor and authors for their courage and honesty in challenging the facade which many of us (men, too) somehow feel the need to maintain. The stories themselves, too, are well-written and entertaining. Kudos.

    Len Goodreads

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