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The Gods We Made


The fifth full-length collection from award-winning poet Blake Auden, The Gods We Made, is a brutally honest and tender examination of the things that shape who we are, who we were, and who we might become.

Focusing on the concepts of grief, love, and time, the book examines the idea that we create our own gods, our own demons, and spend our lives in prayer to them—often hoping that they might spare us our suffering. Through a series of deeply personal, introspective poems, Auden reflects on the relationships, traumas, and anxieties that have molded the best and worst of him in the hope that the reader may take the same journey. The Gods We Made is simultaneously the hope that we might take control of who we are and the acceptance that we never will.

“Poetry at its strongest—a powerful exploration of coming to know one’s self.”
William Bortz, author of Many Small Hungerings.

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Meet the author

Blake Auden is an artist, poet and writer based in Brighton, UK.


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