The First New Universe


Heidi Priebe’s first poetry collection, “The First New Universe,” offers an incredibly raw and deeply personal look at the poet’s experiences with first love, first loss and the redemption that can be found inside of each.

Exploring themes of infatuation and disillusionment, betrayal and forgiveness, regret and acceptance and our endless potential for rebirth, Priebe’s work shamelessly exposes what it means to be young and in love—at its ugliest and most heartbreaking, as well as at its bravest and most healing.

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Heidi Priebe was born in Ontario, Canada and now lives in Brooklyn, New York.


  1. Just read it straight through. A beautiful love story told through poetry and prose. Read it if you've ever been in love with your whole being and it did not work out.

    Jasmine Amazon

  2. This book will sucker-punch you in the gut and leave you struggling to catch your breath. Heidi writes masterpieces. I blitzed through this book in one sitting, but I know I'll come back to it again and again to sit with each poem, breathe it in and let it sink into my bones. This girl metaphors (yes, I just used that as a verb) harder than just about anyone else I know. The pictures she paints with her words are so visceral that you can't help but soar with her through the highs and writhe in sympathetic pain in the lows...This collection doesn't shy away from the devastation of first love and first loss, but Heidi turns incredible suffering into exquisite beauty. Then, just when you think this little book has wrung everything out of you, the epilogue hits.

    Dev. H. Amazon

  3. Awesome and easy read. Definitely read if you have ever had a broken heart, it will put things into perspective.

    Laura Goodreads

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