The Breakup

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This bundle will take you through the process of moving on. The poetry within these books speaks to the very messy, and very real, experiences we all go through when we lose someone we love. Three paperback books.

We’ve had our hearts broken before, and we know what it is like to have to mend ourselves when we are deeply hurting. We know what it is like to seek closure, to wonder if our hearts will ever be introduced to the kind of love that stays. However, whether you’re dealing with your very first heartbreak, or you’ve been here before, know that it gets better. We created The Breakup Bundle to inspire that certainty in you. Each book will help you to face your feelings, confront your past, and move forward into the kind of future you deserve, all while inspiring you to heal your heart and fall back in love with yourself.

This bundle includes:
All The Letters I Should Have Sent by Rania Naim
Severe(d), by Holly Riordan
We Are All Just A Collection Of Cords by Chrissy Stockton

The Breakup


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