No Idea What I’m Doing But F*ck It


no idea
where I want to be
but I will keep going.

Following the success of his Instagram account @ronwritings, Ron Lim unleashed his first poetry book, No Idea What I’m Doing But F*ck It. This second edition, published by Thought Catalog Books, is an international re-introduction of Ron’s previously self-published debut in a lovely new package complete with additional poems and an updated author’s note.

In No Idea What I’m Doing But F*ck It, Ron documents the process of his inner and outer journey of self-discovery. This journey involved awakening to the fact that he wanted more out of life, the internal struggle he faced while convincing himself to leave the only home he knew, and eventually departing his comfort zone by buying a one-way plane ticket. This collection of prose explores the obstacles we must face and figure out for ourselves, the discovery of our true purpose, and the realization that many things in life are more straightforward than we imagine them to be, despite how unnecessarily complicated we make them.

Product Details

Meet the author

Ron Lim

Ron didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life so he started traveling and documenting his thoughts along the way.


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