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Types Of People You Need To Hang On To… Enthusiastic listeners. People who don’t make you guess if they’re mad. Direct communicators. The friend who helps you clean your room. Those who are kind to those who can do nothing for them. Messy folks who repeatedly get it wrong but never stop trying to get it right anyway. Kindred spirits. Loud laughers. Pals who make the grocery store fun. Loved ones who get as excited about your success as you do. The person you feel comfortable crying in front of. Sing-in-the-car friends. People who text you to look at the moon. People who text you just to say hi. The one you’ve known since childhood who you can go a long time without talking to but nothing changes. Those who understand the value of holding space. The mentor who pushes you to do better because they want better for you. Patient teachers. Healers. Scrappy souls. Hard workers. Friends you can joke about hypothetical situations with for hours on end. The genuine. Anyone who leaves you feeling good afterward, not just when you’re with them. People who see your fault lines and say they have them too. Anyone who came to mind as you read this. Hold them close. Love them hard.

• Ayous wood .75″ (1.9 cm) thick frame from renewable forests
• Hanging hardware included

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Meet the creator

Molly Burford is a writer from Detroit. Her work aims to capture the human condition in all of its forms.


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