From Excuses to Excursions: How I Started Traveling the World


This book will take you on a vicarious adventure and have you rethinking the life you thought you wanted and replacing it with one that’s much more fulfilling as you rediscover your purpose in life through the journey of a girl rediscovering hers.

From Excuses to Excursions: How I Started Traveling the World chronicles the life of a girl who grew up with a colorful imagination but not nearly enough funds to support it. The book is broken up into four parts: The Dream, The Journey, The Adventure, and The Destination. Each details the struggles, victories, and natural consequences of life when you put yourself out there and find the universe will often reciprocate your boldness.

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Gloria Atanmo is the best friend and enabler everyone needs in their life.


  1. I've recently just finished Gloria's hilarious and insightful book and I highly recommend it no matter what stage you are in your travel journey or life experiences. There is always something you can learn from others - that's my attitude in life!

    What I loved most about Gloria's book were some absolutely amazing quotes that show a deep wisdom beyond her years!!

    Lola Amazon

  2. This was a truly enjoyable and fantastic read. I am so happy that a woman who looks like me is taking pride in her freedom to explore this big world around us, and share her experiences with such candor. The unfiltered, raw, unapologetic tone of this book is what I love most about it. As travelers, it would be irresponsible of us to paint a beautiful picture free of obstacles, trials, and mishaps. I think Glo does her readers justice by sharing both sides of travel: the dark and the bright side. I recommend this book wholeheartedly and without any reservations. Be prepared for a "straight talk, no chaser" kind of read.

    Kierra Amazon

  3. I highlighted so much in this book! Courage is a prerequisite to being vulnerable and authentic. Gloria Atanmo does it both. She keeps it real with you every step of the way from how to react to catcalling (funniest part) to essential knowledge one needs to travel solo. Her personality leaps from the pages and touches your heart with laughter, introspection, and inspiration. Everything you need to know about how to travel solo from excuses (and procrastination) to passion (and hustle), this book is for you. I would recommend this book to anyone thinking of taking their first trip abroad (or local) or someone in need of a push to do travel again!

    Jasmine Amazon

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