Dee’s Cartoon Sticker Pack (5-pack)

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From the mind of illustrator Daniella Urdinlaiz we bring you Thought Catalog’s very first cartoon sticker pack!

iPhone case sold separately. Stickers meant to slap on your phone case (or any other small area of your choosing). They are guaranteed to brighten your day or amass compliments from friends or strangers alike (frenemies may or may not be included). PLUS the multi-purpose backing allows the stickers to be placed on any surface you want and can easily be removed and re-stuck somewhere else! Fear not of making any mistakes with these babies. We suggest buying a neat clear phone case from Amazon to stick ’em onto!

Dee’s Cartoon Sticker Pack (5-pack)


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Set of illustrated vinyl stickers. Weather-proof and durable. Can be placed on cars as well as phone cases, water bottles, bikes, etc. Illustrated by Daniella Urdinlaiz.

*Phone case sold separately


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