Creatocracy: How the Constitution Invented Hollywood


Creatocracy takes everything you thought you knew about pilgrims and their plainly puritanical sensibilities, flips it on its head, throws glitter on it, sets it to a flashy pop score, then throws it a big coming out party.

“The defining characteristic of America is our fanaticism: We dream big, we think large, we create grandeur…”

And we created Elizabeth Wurtzel: A celebrated writer who has lent her voice to depression, to women scorned, to addiction, and now to the Constitution of our great states. True to form, Wurtzel brings to life the dry document that framed our nation, homing in on one key feature—the Intellectual Property clause—which she credits for everything cool in our country, from Bruce Springsteen and rock ‘n roll, to Jeff Koons and his stainless steel balloons, to Half & Half in our coffee.

In a movie version of the American origin story, Baz Luhrmann would be calling all the shots. Elizabeth Wurtzel has masterfully written a crash-course in American history and the arts, wise and witty, full of humor and insight. This is pop patriotism in book form.

132 pages. Art Direction: Chris Lavergne. Production: Mink Choi. Cover design by Mark Kupasrimonkol, cover photo by Jason Myers

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Meet the author

Elizabeth Wurtzel is the author of “Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America” and “More, Now, Again: A Memoir of Addiction.”


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