This book is a must read for anyone who has experienced tremendous grief.

In her third poetry collection, Ari Eastman takes us through a very personal journey of growing up, loss, love, and surviving it all.

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Meet the author

Ari Eastman is a spoken word poet, writer, and mental health activist.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous writing. one of my new favorite collections of poetry. covers topics from grief to feminism to mental health and on. would definitely recommend to anyone even somewhat interested in poetry.

    Jessica Goodreads

  2. I have admired Eastman for a while, but through Bloodline, she undresses her hurt, and I know her on an entirely different level. I cry with her. I watch her catharsis. In every poem, we are invited to sit with her as she trails her fingers across pencil-marked measurements; her losses and self-discovery. We see her point, “here,” and “here,” and “here,” and are wordlessly lucky for every lesson she shares.

    Shuyler Goodreads

  3. I'm pretty sure Ari Eastman could write a grocery list and I would love it. Her work is always so genuine and entertaining. She balances the depth of serious issues we all wrestle with in one shape or another with light-hearted, uplifting words that leave this a perfect mix of real life. I love the bravery it took to expose herself like this and share her story.


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