All The Right Pieces


“Every piece of you deserves to be at peace with you.” And All The Right Pieces encourages us to own, accept, and honor our personal story and our personal process, so we can make room for our personal growth. Nakeia’s concise, poetic style makes All The Right Pieces a good read for anyone on a journey to heal, grow, and be made whole.

This new collection of short prose, poetry, and soul-stirring reminders, from Nakeia Homer, is a commemoration of all of life, the good and the bad, coming together for our highest good. All The Right Pieces lays out the process of becoming in a way that helps us see that every version of us, every season we go through, and every circumstance we face contributes to making us whole.

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Meet the author

Nakeia Homer is a wellbeing educator, mental wellness advocate, and best-selling author.


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