All The Letters I Should Have Sent


Through a series of letters, author Rania Naim examines past and present relationships. If you are moving on from any kind of relationship, this book is your new best friend.

In each letter, Rania speaks directly to those who shaped her life with both heartbreak and joy. This is a book about healing, grieving, gratitude and moving forward, even if the letters you wish you could have sent never leave your hands.

Product Details

To the people we loved and the people who couldn’t love us.

To the ones who broke our hearts and the ones that got away.

To the ones who loved us and the ones who healed us.

To the ones who made us ask important questions and the ones who gave us the answers.

To all the people who once came into our lives and left an impact, left a mark or left a scar.

Meet the author

Rania Naim grew up in Cairo, Egypt with more than just a passion for writing; it was her dream.


  1. “If needing you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

    The book that triggered all the pain and resentments that I have been ignoring fow awhile now. This book definitely exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!!

    Anilou Goodreads

  2. Just beautiful! I don't know it's Rania's way of expressing feelings or my state of mind which made me connect myself with every word of this book. I usually finish this type of books in a day or two but it took me 10 days to finish this book. I couldn't continue after reading a few letters. I still need time to fully process everything written in the book. I want to read it again, but I'm not sure I'd be able to do so, soon. I think all of us should be honest with our feelings and express them honestly the way Rania did in these letters. Every sentence was heart-touching, indeed.

    Zulqarnain Ali Zaki Goodreads

  3. On the first pages you have a feeling like someone must have known you very well and you struggle to believe that you actually had not written those letters by yourself. Even if I do still struggle :). Sensitively written with a lot of love and admiration yet with the universal belief, that all is happening for a reason. If you look for some great worlds about love, go for it!

    Bara Bělová Goodreads

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