The Speaker That Transforms Your Music Into A Cosmic Light Show

Next time a scintillating Bryan Adams ballad or some moving, EDM whatever tune comes up on your shuffle, embrace the song fully with Yantouch’s portable Diamond Bluetooth speaker. Literally, hug this speaker. You’re safe now. With its wireless capability and long battery life, this glowing, faceted orb of song fits nicely under bedcovers, in pillow forts, and on-the-go at your local makeout point. Connect easily to a mood-appropriate playlist and bask in the sound-reactive light shows. Lull yourself to sweet sleep with its sunset mode that slowly fades away light and sound. Then be gently nudged awake with its sunrise setting, fading in light and sound at whatever time of day you set it for. Controls are selected via your smartphone through Yantouch’s “BedTimeSocial” app, or with its included remote. Choose from several light show options, alarm settings that let you wake to a song, sunrise/sunset mode, and even control how bright you want the lights to appear. The Diamond is one seriously smart, endlessly entertaining, straight-up beautiful device.