Pajamas So You Can Sleep Like A Sophisticated Adult, And Then Wake Up Dressed For Work

You might be hesitant to dish out a fair amount of money on the clothes you sleep in, but what if I told you those same clothes are just as acceptable (and a pretty fine choice) to wear out? Wearing a silk pajama set to bed makes you look far more put together than you might actually be. It’s very Zooey Deschanel. Very post-rehab. Something about it screams room service and that you floss all the time or at the very least clean your vibrator. And bubble baths—those aren’t merely a distant memory. When worn during the day, silk pajamas add a lushness, an elegance, and a sophisticated ease. But most importantly: they belie the fact that you wore these same clothes to bed. This particular set is made in collaboration with UK-based Shrimps and Poplin, purveyors of timeless loungewear. And because they’re 100% silk, they’ll keep your body temperature in stable condition while also preventing yeast infections—a little perk that will certainly come in handy after wearing the same thing to sleep and work for six days in a row.