This Clay Mask Will Give Your Exorbitantly Priced Facials A Run For Their Money

Blackheads are incredibly misunderstood. They’re stubborn, certainly, but they can also be extracted without having to pay excessive amounts of money on facials. Mud masks are an efficient, easy, and affordable way to bring the deep-seated dirt inside a blackhead to your skin’s surface, and this Pink Clay Moisture Mask by Herbivore Botanicals does just that, with the added benefit of their bio identical and vegan hyaluronic acid, cell regenerating rosehip, anti-inflammatory evening primrose, and the antioxidant heavy white tea extract. You’ll be happy to know that this mask, along with all of Herbivore Botanicals’ products, are made ethically with entirely natural ingredients, and with oils that are all cold-pressed or steam-distilled. Just as any onlookers will be happy to see you pampering yourself in a pretty pink clay mask, rather than its much scarier, green alternative.