Ron Lim

Ron didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life so he started traveling and documenting his thoughts along the way.

Books by Ron Lim

  • No Idea What I’m Doing But F*ck It


About Ron Lim

At the age of 22, Ron packed his bags and bought a one-way ticket out of the place he lived in his entire life.

Thinking back, “I remember when I was on the plane by myself, leaving for the first time with no destination in mind, there was no fear. It felt strangely… liberating. And it was in those few starting hours of my journey that I already knew that I’ve made the right choice,” he said.

“Time flies when you’re on the road. All you do is try to live in the moment and focus on the next thing, and before you know it… years have passed, and you have come a long way”.

While on the road, Ron found inspiration in his journey and started documenting his thoughts publicly on Instagram. It was also during this time that he found an interest in writing, and in 2020, he started a separate account solely dedicated to posting his writings – @ronwritings.

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