Bring The 3D Printing Revolution To Your Kitchen, And Print Pancakes

Pancake art is difficult and time consuming, even when you’re trying to make the simplest shapes. Crafting an edible snowman in a regular frying pan requires a lot of preparation, forethought, and culinary wizardry. Or a crazy amount of patience. Unless, of course, you live in the future (otherwise known as 2015) when it’s possible to own the PancakeBot. Invented by Miguel Valenzuela, a father of two who enjoys nothing more than cooking breakfast with his daughters, the PancakeBot uses 3D printing technology to let you make breakfast out of original designs every single time you decide to get creative in the kitchen. The process is simple—just upload artwork to your computer and let the PancakeBot do the rest—and the printed result is reliably impressive, not to mention delicious.