Shake Up Stubborn Female Stereotypes With These Tattooed Princesses

Porcelain figurines of white, aristocratic women, twirling about in grand, bloated, flowing ball gowns represent a certain ilk of ignorance and female stereotype that Scotland-based artist Jessica Harrison has thankfully tampered with. In her constant quest to find, as her bio states, “an alternative shape to our perception of things,” Harrison came up with the idea for her Painted Lady series. The works are actually limited edition prints of painfully antiquated porcelain figures that she sourced and then covered in tattoos. And the result happens to be much closer in appearance to someone you’d find walking the streets today than the overly polished original. More significant, however, is the lasting impact these images leave on stereotypes. One would not necessarily expect a woman dressed in such an angelic, Disney princess-flavored gown to have tattoos coating her arms, neck and chest. And yet that is exactly Harrison’s point: to throw a wrench in stubborn and pervasive clichés and to eliminate any and all of these baseless expectations.