A Kinky Accessory That Subtly Says, ‘I Know Fashion And I’m Good In Bed’


It sounds like chains jostling deep inside the mysterious jungle. The jingling scares a fart out of you and as you instinctually look around to a nonexistent audience to feel embarrassed, you remember that you are a solitary amnesiac on this tropical beach where you sit trying to recall the objects, products, and apps that brought you joy in your former life. Something to piece together how and why you are here. You have only this moment on this beach and the chains continue to clang from beyond the lush bush. In a moment of utter presence your eyes shut as your head flashes images of your memories of and associations with chains. You see glimpses of the past, the power and strength you once felt and expressed that were perpetually thwarted and restrained in what you remember as a hostile and unsympathetic world.

Hood By Air’s Padlock Necklace around your neck only highlights how free you are. The connotations of kink and revolution make you look smart and good in bed. It’s so important to know world history and have game when choosing an accessory.

You’ve remembered the hypocrisy of the world you came from and that you might have had sex before!

The sound of bouncing chains veiled by the forest is getting louder, coming closer. You decide to follow the siren song because you’re brave and strong, hopefully…