A Jewel-Shaped Bag To Keep Your Most Precious Items Close At Hand

Think fanny packs are weird? Think again. We’re living in a post-normcore age; if last year’s trends were dominated by Seinfeld-style jeans, there’s no saying what will monopolize fashion’s unpredictable trends this year. Crucial to understanding the appeal of the fanny pack is understanding that it exists in styles apart from the neon-colored nylon ones that were apparently part of the required wardrobe for Clarissa Explains It All. As you can see, there’s nothing neon, nylon, or side-pony about this Larissa Hadjio fanny pack. On the contrary, it’s shaped like some sort of colossal-sized rare jewel, has a gold-plated buckle, and comes in two immensely spiffy styles: black nappa leather and red suede.