A Velvety Golden Faux Fur Coat That’ll Keep You Awfully Warm

“Orange is so my color” said no one, ever—except maybe Solange Knowles. It’s no secret that orange isn’t the most flattering color. Usually, it’s the color you reserve for when you want to accentuate your burgeoning anemia or highlight the vat of French fries you slaughtered the night before. But marigold orange? That’s not so much orange as it is orange’s much more forgiving cousin—the shade of Big Bird, perhaps, after a two-week-long holiday in Tulum. Or, if that image doesn’t quite do it for you, maybe this ample fur coat will. Vanessa Hong, founder of the vaunted fashion blog The Haute Pursuit, is the designer behind this plush piece of faux fur, which is bespoke, handmade, features hidden clasps and pockets, and is allegedly warm enough to wear in subzero weather with only a thin knit underneath.