This Hunk Of Log Would Make The Greatest Cereal Bowl Of All Time

Bedecking your home in rare little knick-knacks is fun, but can turn ugly very fast if you have any tendency towards hoarding. Rather than falling prey to a collection of spiritual beads at your local flea market, you’re better off going the much cleaner and sophisticated route with something like this log bowl. Hand-selected, gathered, and turned, the log casing gives it a very flea market feel, without the literal fleas. The bowl inset, hand painted with a tasteful glossy mint finish, offsets the wood exterior nicely. Designed by Doha Chebib Lindskoog, it’s the type of bowl you’ll probably want to display on a side table or coffee table. And yet, it would work equally as well as an average kitchen bowl too, should you feel compelled to trick your roommates into thinking you’re a barbaric animal by eating your cereal out of it when they walk in—and then, when they get closer, screaming, “JK! This is more expensive than your mom’s china.”