You’ll Never Spill Coffee On Your Computer Again With This Couch Potato-Friendly Mug

The home, though once suited for desktop computers, is now almost exclusively reserved for laptops. And with this has come an increased (if alarming) comfort with extended couch time. We’re a couch-dependent population, people, which is why it’s time others start taking cues from Thelermont Hupton, and catch up. The UK-based design company has developed a slew of products that are in line with our increasingly lazy dispositions—the most convenient of which may just be their Lap Mug. Designed in a variety of colors, the Lap Mug’s base is molded into a concave shape that fits nice and snug between your legs. The balancing-mug-on-one-knee act has been attempted ad nauseum to varying degrees of success; it’s about time mugs start to follow the path of evolution and bend to our needs.