A Williamsburg Bed-And-Breakfast And Veritable Safe Haven For Anyone Who Wants To Escape The Pressure To DIY

You probably know that Williamsburg is teeming with self-professed artists, overpriced bespoke jewelry, and artisanal farts. But did you know it also has a bed-and-breakfast that looks like a cross between Aspen and those exorbitantly priced, exposed brick and fireplace Brooklyn lofts? Well it does, and this fancy rustic mecca is called Urban Cowboy. Founded by Lyon Porter, it’s a modern luxury Brooklyn townhouse that offers four bedrooms, a cabin and hot tub in the backyard, and an open parlor floor with cool 1890s themed things like operable garage doors, a pot belly stove, exposed joists and bricks, and more. Pictured above is the communal space, as well as two of their bedrooms: the Vision Quest and their version of a suite, the Kanoono Cabin.