Finishing A Candle Is No Longer So Depressing When There’s A Toy Hidden Inside

If you’ve ever thrown out chicken soup or forgotten about a batch of oranges you shoved into your fridge two months ago, then you know how critical owning a candle can be. Even if you don’t specialize in cooking up fetid odors in various corners of your home, you can still probably appreciate a nice scented candle. Which is what makes a candle that has burned out completely so harrowing; once it reaches the end of its wick, you know your hours of evading that sharp stench of two-week old pizza are numbered. This candle, which was made in collaboration with Joya and Snarkitecture to celebrate New York City, has a light floral scent comprised of aromas specifically found in NYC’s parks—fresh lilies and an arrangement of Blonde Woods. Part of the “Secret Souvenir” collaboration, it may not burn forever, but it will make your last hour with your candle exceedingly more pleasant than you’re used to. Buried inside the wax is a mini replica of one of three NYC monuments (The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, or The Statue of Liberty)—a little gift for you when that ghastly moment comes and your candle has burnt out completely.