It Ended Badly So Let’s Laugh About It Already

Tired of reading books about how to handle your break-up really well? Here’s one about people who have loved and lost and handled it terribly. 

Jennifer Wright’s It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Break-Ups In History takes you on a hilarious romp through horrible historical break-ups—ranging from Emperor Nero in 55AD to Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher in the 1960’s. In between, there’s Edith Wharton who, after dating Morton Fullerton for a few months, proceeded to write him literally hundreds of letters (most of which he didn’t reply to). And then there’s turn of the century artist Oskar Kokoschka, who commissioned a life-sized doll in his ex’s likeness so he could carry “her” with him everywhere.

Wright highlights the absurdity of all these situations while remaining sympathetic to anyone who’s experienced heartbreak. As an added bonus, by the time you finish reading you’ll feel a lot less weird about all those unsolicited drunk texts you’ve sent your ex boyfriends or girlfriends over the years.