A Virtual Boyfriend That Requires No Gift-Giving Or Parent-Introducing

The Invisible Boyfriend is not just the latest development in technology for the exceedingly lazy, but a wholly enticing one too. The gist is as follows: for 24.99 you get to pretty much build your own virtual boyfriend—starting with his name, age, photo, his personality, and then of course the story of how you two met. The idea is not unlike the virtual world depicted in Spike Jonze’s Her; for, once you’ve built the foundation, you can go on to do a whole host of things with your fictitious boyfriend that your ex would’ve probably never agreed to. This includes drawn out text conversations, and sending each other voicemails, handwritten notes, and even photos. Now I wouldn’t want to encourage full-blown lunacy, however I do think the Invisible Boyfriend has a great deal of potential. Imagine, if you will, your next dinner with your parents. They ask you who you’re seeing for the 40th time in the last week and, for the 40th time, refuse to take “no one” as an answer. Such is the perfect scenario to whip out your invisible boyfriend.