In Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, A European Billionaire Built A 12,000 Acre Playground

Looking for the ultimate respite from modern life, Didier Primat, a French-Swiss billionaire, bought over 12,000 acres in Virginia’s the Blue Ridge Mountains, which he said reminded him of Switzerland. Of course, only in the United States could he find a property so immensely big as to fit the tall order for what he had planned.

Over the years, Primat developed the land into Primaland, a fanatical, eco-friendly resort, with a central 26-room lodge and various tree houses dotted across the expansive property. In addition to all the traditional attractions of nature resorts —  hiking, hunting, golf —  Primland also has a Celestron CGE Pro 1400 series telescope in the Observatory Dome that allows you to stare at the pure night sky and see stars and galaxies billions of lightyears away.