How To Upgrade Your Outfit With One Simple Shirt

If there’s one gift fashion shows afford the average viewer, it’s the innovative styling ideas they often yield. And one particular technique that’s been pervading the runways is styling an outfit over a long-underwear-type, heat-tech-like, very tight, long-sleeve shirt (often with a turtleneck addition). For pre-fall 2015, they came in bright colors beneath Miu Miu’s collection, all sequined and shiny under Dior’s, and in a stark black underneath J.W. Anderson’s. Yet it’s still the latex that peeped out from Marc by Marc Jacobs’ spring 2015 collection that has left the strongest impression. This latex, long-sleeve mock turtleneck is the closest you’ll come to those eye-catching, spanking garments, and the most affordable option out there too.