Take Your Next Vacation In This Los Angeles Dreamscape That’ll Inspire You More Than Any Hotel Could

At once futuristic and earthy, The Hill Dome, Cave, Gardens & View is home to artist Fritz Haeg and has been the source of inspiration for countless artists. Designed by Los Angeles architect William King, it consists of three levels, all connected by a spacious circular staircase, and each replete with designs, decorations, and innovations that, until now, probably only existed in your dreams. From street level, you enter a curvy space awash in concrete—the lowest, earth sheltered level that stays naturally cool. It’s complete with 15 skylights, a partially open full bath, desk, lounge area, and three areas that could be considered bedrooms, but which, like the rest of the home, all flow together without any dividing walls. There’s even a queen size futon inside a secret space that can only be accessed through a hole behind a painting. The next level up is the spacious wooden kitchen and dining area, which leads to an outdoor shower and large wood soaking tub. Saunter up the stairs once more and you reach the final level: a geodesic dome, 24 feet in diameter with a wrap around deck in addition to tables and a queen size bed. Looking out onto dramatic city and mountain views, this is an entirely unique and eco friendly space—down to the surrounding food garden, which Fritz encourages all guests use.