Smoking Isn’t Cool, But This Ashtray Is

By now you should be well aware that smoking kills, and that this fact has done little to reduce the number of smokers. If you’re going to destroy your lungs, you may as well do it with some class—with something like, this Hermès ashtray. Then again, you could decide not to destroy your lungs at all and use this for it’s apparently intended purpose, as an ironic “change tray.” The gold on deep red tones are reminiscent of Hermès’ classic burnt orange shade, while the geometric, symmetrical design is redolent of the mirrored, often lofty images typically found on Hermés scarves. And just to be safe, “Hermès” and “Sellier” are printed on either side of this porcelain tray, for anyone who isn’t trained in Hermés aesthetics.