You’ll Never Have To Fix Your Cuffed Pants Again When You Have These Snug Earth-Toned Trousers

There’s no excuse for not supporting sustainability in fashion, now that it looks like these pants. High-waisted, fitted, and with a wide leg, they’re from Town Clothes’ first collection (Spring/Summer ‘15) and are made of 100% cotton twill with 100% raw silk at the bottom hem. Town Clothes sources all of their fabrics from either overstock or deadstock and uses natural dyes wherever possible. And their design approach is equally as ethical. As you can see, these olive green pants have a faux cuff thing going on—a white colorblock section at the bottom of each pant leg in lieu of a cuff. It’s a kind, benevolent design tactic for its likeness to these perfect Loewe pants, and for eliminating the manifold difficulties one can run into when sporting a cuff—bulkiness, unevenness, slippage—while still preserving the cuff aesthetic.