This Affordable And Age-Defying Luxury Handbag Will Make You Regret All Of Your Past Handbag Purchases

A designer’s personal taste doesn’t always dictate the products he or she designs, but when that designer dresses Kristen Wiig and Hugh Jackman for a living, there’s very little room for error. A bona fide fashion veteran, Robert Verdi’s handbag line, The Great Bag Co., taps into pervasive handbag wants and needs that are so intuitive, so intrinsic, that most of us barely even know we have them. The handbag in question is called the Model M. Onyx bag, it’s made of Fashion-Flex, and it’s molded to look like a happy accident after an Hermès Birkin bag and a 2006 Chloe lock bag got hold of one too many poppers. Yet whereas the typical luxury handbag inevitably wears and withers with time, the Model M. Onyx withstands any effects of aging like Miss Countess LuAnn de Lesseps herself. Owing to its durable material, it will neither slouch nor stress-crack while remaining resolute in its sculptural silhouette. Just be mindful of the staggeringly affordable price point—that alone can convince you to buy one in every striking colorway.