This Chandelier Canvas Creates The Illusion That You Live In The Palace Of Versailles

If you’re the type who only watched Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette for the glamorously royal interior design inspiration (and to admire the shoes and the cakes), Duffy London has figured out a way to make your cinematic fantasies become a reality—no matter how small your place is. Without straight-up draining your savings account, Duffy London created this Grand Chandelier Glo-Canvas with a rich, red backdrop. The canvas is made out of 100% cotton, but looks like diamonds and fine silks. The twinkling lights are low energy, long-life fluorescent bulbs—you won’t have to worry about an expensive energy bill when you host a ball. The Glo-canvas comes with a 2m cable and has a switch attached. They can be wired (with the help of an electrician!) to operate with your light switches. Feel like a million bucks, without spending a million bucks.