The Anti Barbie Doll Every Feminist Wishes She’d Played With As A Kid

If young girls were given the right toys—the kind that encourage building instead of dressing up like a princess—GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling firmly believes we’d have more adult women in science, technology, and engineering. With products like the GoldieBlox Zipline Action Figure, an educational kit for girls that goes way beyond the typical tea set or Barbie, Sterling hopes to overhaul our idea of what “for girls” means when it comes to playtime.

Complete with overalls, a tool belt, and limbs with joints specifically crafted for action, Goldie isn’t a pretty face with unreasonable body proportions and a closet full of interchangeable, fashionable outfits. She’s an adventurous character with a wild look in her eyes and a fierce spirit. The next time you’re searching for the perfect gift for any young lady in your life, consider how rewarding it would be to watch your daughter, niece, or the child of your feminist friend hone her spatial skills and problem solve while constructing a 13-inch zipline all by herself. Once you see Goldie swinging from one fixed point to another, you’ll be pledging to walk right past the pink aisle on every future trip to the toy store.