Put Your Whining Into Writing With This Bombshell Ring And People Will Hate You Less

Perhaps you just finished an interview, only to look in the mirror and realize there was a gaping piece of spinach lodged in the middle of your two front teeth. Or maybe it was an epic fall that befell you as you were about to tap that cute guy on the shoulder and ask him out. Life offers us so many of these irreparable, ego-damaging moments—moments that are capable of inciting only one reaction: a resounding, existentially consuming, “Why me????” They’ve happened countless times before and will happen countless times again; why keep wasting your breath when you could put these words into indelible writing, and then wear it around your finger at all times? Toiletpaper, the magazine founded by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, made this gold-plated silver chevalier ring in collaboration with the young Milanese designer Bea Bongiasca. It’s chunky and commanding and will communicate your cry of lament, without any whining.