Your One-Way Ticket To A Clinical Glow

You’ve probably heard that outer beauty comes from within, but rare are the Carla Oates of the world who can actually put this into attainable and digestible practice. Dubbed The Beauty Chef, Carla’s line of products are grounded in fifteen years of researching organic beauty, and that includes this nifty Glow powder. Mung beans, queen garnet plum, and buckwheat millet are but a mere slice of its twenty-three biofermented and organic ingredients, but all you need to know is that its gluten free, vegan, and brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, prebiotics, and probiotics. Approved by Carla’s team of chemists, neuropaths, and nutritionists, this might be the closest anyone has come to concocting a recipe for a scientific glow.