Like Racism, This Hat’s Message Is Impossible To Ignore

Though we are nowhere near officially ending racism, it’s worth noting that more and more Americans are beginning to confront it. And while this hat certainly does nothing to dismantle the systemic racism that riddles our country, it does bear an irrefutable fact: racism sucks. The 5 panel hat is made of 100% twill cotton with front and side stitching, a red under brim, and a brown leather strap back. And while cute on its own, it’s most effective worn while partaking in some sort of protest or while lobbying against a racially motivated bill. Made by the 24-year old, Haitian born Alex Joachim, the hat is rounded out nicely with a tag on the back that reads “LOVE”–a reminder to accept everyone for who they are, and that it’s always better to harbor love rather than negativity.