A Pin To Pierce Your Haters Just Like Beyoncé Would

“Fresh” comes in varying degrees and this pin captures but a few of them. Shaped like a car air freshener, it seems to carry an olfactory freshness, or at least one that will mask an otherwise old, beaten up, and stale smelling car. And yet the freshness of this pin runs so much deeper too, thanks in no small part to its self proclamation, “Fresher than you.” Quoting the great Bey, the uncomplicated yet effective boast is from her song “7/11,” in which she crooned, “This trick about to go off, mad cause I’m so fresh / Fresher than you, I’m fresher than you.” Designed by Sammy Moore for the Brooklyn based lifestyle and accessory brand Pintrill, it’s made of silver metal with hard enamel. A piercing phrase fit for a piercing accessory.