Say ‘Fuck Off’ Like A Boss—A Really Cute Mafia Boss

Take the power trip of your life with this sterling silver, signet-style ring. Signet rings are historically worn to denote power or a look of importance. Pinky rings—thanks to The Sopranos and The Godfather—are worn as a sign of power too, albeit a more tyrannical, criminal, mafia-flavored power. This sterling silver ring is a marriage of both the signet and the pinky ring, and will likely propel you into the most fervent ego trip of your life. Which makes the “fuck off” inscribed on it—hand engraved no less—that much more powerful. This is no road rage-provoked “fuck off,” or the “fuck off” you screamed at your sibling when they wouldn’t stop flicking you. This is a stern, grave, and solemn “fuck off.” Not to mention a really cute and unadorned addition to your ring collection.