The Book That’s Going To Change Everything You Thought You Knew About Being An ENFP

So you test as an extroverted, intuitive, feeling perceiver on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You’ve read the online descriptions of your type. You know where your strengths lie and even understand some of your weaknesses. But nowhere on or offline are you going to find a description of your type that’s this honest or raw.

In the first ever ENFP-specific survival guide, seasoned idealist Heidi Priebe delves into what it truly means to embody the Champion personality type – all flowery descriptions aside. Learn what it’s really like to grow up as an intuitive in a world full of sensors. Understand the nuances of your relationship with every other personality type. Read about what happens when you’re at your worst and how to come back from your own dark side.

This book exposes the ENFP personality in a completely unprecedented way. At worst, you’ll learn more about your own personality than you ever thought possible. At the best, you’ll find concrete methods of growing into the strongest, fiercest version of yourself.