The New And Improved Pink Ladies Jacket Will Make Your Heart Melt

Do you know what a galah is? No, I didn’t think so. It’s a bird—a rose-breasted cockatoo, to be more exact, and it is the inspiration behind this jacket. Embracing the galah’s blush tones and made of viscose satin, Australian designer Emma Mulholland designed this piece in the style of the classic Souvenir Jacket—a style that was coined in post-WWII Japan when the occupying forces had their clothes embroidered with traditional Japanese imagery to take home to their families as souvenirs. The insignia on this cotton candy tinted one is that of the “flamin’ galah,” which is blown up on the backside of the jacket, appears as a miniature badge of honor on the left breast, and is rounded out with subtle flames trailing down the sleeves. And though it’s true that Souvenir Jackets are starting to crop up in large numbers at vintage stores, it’s also true that finding one in this breathtaking peach and pink colorway is next to impossible.