Exercising Your Pelvic Floor With This App Based Device Is Like Playing A Video Game With Your Vagina

When it comes to strength training, your vagina may be the last body part you think about. And yet, the benefits of a strong pelvic floor are many. That’s why Elvie exists: to help women build vaginal strength, which is helpful during pregnancy, childbirth, impact sports, and sex. This truly unique gizmo, which looks like a cross between a rubber tampon and a giant tadpole, is designed to live inside your vagina for five-minute stretches during which you challenge your pelvic muscles.

The high-tech device connects via Bluetooth to your phone. Why? So a special app can track your progress as you perform various Kegel exercises. Once you insert Elvie (and get past the weirdness of participating in a one-woman vaginal aerobics class), easy-to-follow instructions prompt you to squeeze and release for different lengths of time, in different patterns. With every contraction, a digital gem rises higher on your phone’s screen as the app urges you to reach for certain targets. Elvie workouts don’t lead to much sweating, but they do require a fair amount of concentration—and a whole lot of dedication to genital health and wellbeing.