Finally, An App That Makes Ordering Alcohol Online As Easy As Hooking Up

Ever wonder why you have to walk or drive all the way to a liquor store and then haul your alcohol all the way back home? In an era in which everything from salad and toothpaste to haircuts can be ordered on-demand from the comfort of your couch, it’s odd that the process for buying wine, beer, and liquor hasn’t changed very much since Prohibition. Thanks to Drizly, the brainchild of two Boston College grads frustrated by the lack of alcohol delivery options, all that is changing fast.

Drizly, which operates in most major U.S. cities, aims to make the hooch-to-house process for those of legal drinking age as simple as ordering a car service or arranging a random hook-up online. Just download the app (it’s free), select your favorite products (there are thousands to choose from), and wait for your booze to arrive at your doorstep (delivery is guaranteed within the hour). Drizly provides partner retailers with proprietary ID verification technology that allows drivers to scan IDs for more than a barcode. Minimum orders vary, but generally fall within the $20 to $50 range. Just don’t act tipsy when you answer the door because Drizly drivers are entitled to withhold delivery, in which case customers are promptly refunded (and forced to sober up and/or rally for a trip to the local liquor store on foot).