You Can Finally Use Your iPad Like A Computer With This Tremendously Versatile Case

Product Description

The Don’t Panic is the most relaxing iPad case in the galaxy. Our cases are made in the USA of the finest German wool felt and genuine US tanned leather.

  • Ergonomic in Many Positions
    The Don’t Panic case is simply the most ergonomic iPad case in the galaxy. There are countless ways to hold it, wrap it, and stand it up. This position, securely hanging it over the knees, is our favorite. It’s perfect for typing, reading, and dreaming.
  • Stable on Uneven Surfaces
    The Don’t Panic case will stay vertical on uneven surfaces during those times that you need to stay horizontal.
  • Stand at Many Angles
    While it is soft and flexible on the couch or in bed, the Don’t Panic case has a steel reinforced back panel that give it structure. It can also be adjusted to stand at any angle.
  • Stands in Portrait Orientation
    Many cases do either portrait mode or landscape mode well. The Don’t Panic case masters both, allowing you to catch up with friends via Skype or Facetime in portrait mode.
  • Easily Mounts on Fridge
    If you have a magnet friendly fridge you will be delighted by the extra space the Don’t Panic case will give you in the kitchen.
  • Pen/Stylus Holder Built In
    Built right into the front of the case is a metal clasp that can be used to clip anything, including your pen or stylus.