Turn Your Pet Into A Meme With This Comfortably Snug Darth Vader Hat

There’s something about watching a visibly uncomfortable dog trying to maneuver itself in a much-too-tight wool sweater that really just tugs at the heartstrings. To gauge whether your dog will be comfortable in the dog-sized apparel you might be eyeing, simply imagine yourself wearing it over a very thick layer of fur skin and you’ll soon realize that your dog would rather plunge to its death than wear a fitted, ruffled bodysuit. As for this custom handmade hat that happens to resemble Darth Vader’s helmet? Well, we call this a win-win. A win, first and foremost, for your dog, who could use the extra warmth in the winter. And then a secondary win for yourself, now that you’ve been given the fruitful opportunity to take photos like the ones above while referring to your dog as the Dark Lord. If you have any reservations about spending $20 on a sweater that may or may not be entirely needless, consider this: what costs you $20 now will soon be paid back in full—and then some—once you inevitably turn your pet into a meme. Think about it.